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Algerie Ferries is one of the most popular companies in the world. the main Algerian shipping company, established in the 1990s by ENTMV (Entreprise Nationale de Transport Maritime de Voyageurs) with the aim of connecting the main ports of Algeria to Europe.

In the early 2000s, Algerie Ferries completely renewed its fleet made up of 4 modern ferries and 2 units; fast, cutting-edge and complete with every comfort, thus making it possible; to offer a service of the highest quality.

Among the main objectives of the company, in addition to the excellence of the services offered and the courtesy of the on-board staff, there is certainly the idea of ​​offering a constant service, these maritime connections for passengers and vehicles are in fact guaranteed all year round on most routes.

Algerie Ferries travel options and ferry services

The Algerie Ferries company today manages connections among the most important in the world. beautiful tourist destinations of Algeria such as Oran, Algiers, Bejaia and Skikda and the main ports of Spain, Alicante and Barcelona and the French port of Marseille. During the high season it is possible to have a drink. the connection between Skikda and the Italian port of Genoa.

is also planned

Among the various servicespresent on board Algerie Ferries, we find large lounges, armchairs, TV, toilets, cafeteria, restaurant, free Wi-Fi, some duty boutiques -free, solarium and swimming pool. There is also an on-board kennel for pets, children's play areas, entertainment, and public areas designed to offer accessibility to all guests. to passengers with mobility; reduced.

Among the accommodations available to passengers, in addition to the simple deck passage or the comfortable armchair, there are cabins of different types including internal, external, economic and luxury, all equipped with private services and exclusive access.

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La flotta Algerie Ferries
Traghetto Tariq Ibn Ziyad Algerie Ferries
Tariq Ibn Ziyad
Traghetto Tassili II Algerie Ferries
Tassili II
Traghetto El Djazair II Algerie Ferries
El Djazair II
Traghetto Elyros Algerie Ferries
Aliscafo Diego Morace Algerie Ferries
Diego Morace
Aliscafo Daniela Morace Algerie Ferries
Daniela Morace
Aliscafo Seraïdi Algerie Ferries
Aliscafo Badji Mokhtar II Algerie Ferries
Badji Mokhtar II