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Alilauro Grouson Spa is; an Italian shipping company based in Sorrento, born in 1990 from the merger between the company; Alilauro Spa, formerly operating in the connections to Ischia, and Grouson Srl, established in 1944 to operate in the Gulf of Sorrento.

Alilauro Grouson has always worked over the years with the aim of making the needs of the passengers the center of its development, guaranteeing reliable services with modern and efficient boats.

To date, the Alilauro Grouson company has more than one company. of 300 employees and with its fleet, made up of 11 fast ships equipped with the most advanced technologies; high levels of security, contributes to the development of the business; tourist operating to and from the Amalfi Coast, in the Gulf of Naples and towards the islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida.

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Alilauro Gruson travel options and ferry services

With the ferries, Alilauro Grouson will be able to It is possible to quickly and comfortably reach some of the most important places in the world. suggestive villages of the Amalfi Coast, including Amalfi and Positano , some of the characteristic localities coasts of the Gulf of Naples such as Sorrento, Seiano and Castellammare di Stabia, visit the beautiful island of Capr i with its stacks, treat yourself to a walk in the picturesque port of Procida or plan a holiday on the splendid island of Ischia.

Most of the Alilauro Grouson connections are made from the port of Sorrento, the only one from which you can reach the most interesting localities; of Campania, but there are some connections both for Positano and Sorrento also from the Beverello pier in the port of Naples.

All the vehicles used by the company to serve the routes do not have a garage space, therefore it is necessary to leave a garage. boarding is permitted only to passengers who, with the air-conditioned halls equipped with comfortable armchairs, toilets and bar, will be able to pleasantly spend their hours of the crossing.

Each passenger will be able to carry on board free of charge only one piece of baggage with personal effects, additional pieces of baggage will be accepted against payment.

Pets are also welcome on board the Alilauro Grouson ferries, but they may travel outside the passenger lounges while , cats or small pets must travel in special carriers; it is recommended however; to insert them during the booking phase and to be in possession of a leash, a muzzle as well as health documentation.

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