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The Compagnia Caronte was born in the middle of the of the 60s creating the first connection on the Strait of Messina on the route Messina - Reggio Calabria. Three years later, the Tourist Ferry Boat inaugurates the new connection on the Messina - Villa San Giovanni section, a more itinerary ; short and therefore highly appreciated by users, which will lead to the the company to make new investments and to renew its fleet, improving its service.

In 2001, the new connection on the Messina - Salerno line was also established, making the "Autrostrade D’Amare" project a reality, offering a valid alternative to the road haulage market, a maritime service for the transport of goods, and of course also for passengers and vehicles.

In 2003, from the merger of the two different companies or the Caronte company; company and the Tourist Ferry Boat Sicilian company, Caronte & Tourist.

In 2018, another important goal was achieved, that of eco-sustainability: the new ship Elio arrives, which uses the #39; LNG hydrocarbon, with very low environmental impact which significantly reduces oxide and CO2 emissions.

Charon & Tourist travel options and ferry services

The Charon & Tourist with its fleet of 10 modern ferries, still today connects Sicily and Campania with the Messina - Salerno line, with a daily afternoon or night departure, while the Villa San Giovanni - Messina line, which connects Calabria and Sicily, offers a vast choice of day and night departures which increase significantly in < strong>high season.

The ferries that the company uses for the very short connections on the Strait are real platforms, completely open that allow passengers to remain comfortably inside ;inside your vehicle. As regards the Salerno - Messina line, the ferries instead have various services such as a bar, restaurant, toilet, TV room, children's play area, armchair lounges air-conditioned, internal or external cabins or superior, all with private bathroom for exclusive use.

Between April and September, and usually only on weekends, it's the best time to go. the "Camping on Board" service is provided, which allows passengers to stay inside their camper while being able to use all the services on board, at a very advantageous price. p>

The Caronte & Tourist offers assistance to passengers with disabilities; and mobility; reduced. Those traveling with a vehicle are entitled to reserved parking in the garage in a more convenient location. favorable for reaching the upper decks, and specially equipped cabins with private bathrooms are also available.

It's pets are also allowed to board, which must stay inside the on-board kennel or on the external decks in the areas assigned to them.

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La flotta Caronte & Tourist
Traghetto Cartour Gamma Caronte & Tourist
Cartour Gamma
Traghetto Ulisse Caronte & Tourist
Traghetto Vestfold Caronte & Tourist
Traghetto Archimede Caronte & Tourist
Traghetto Cartour Delta Caronte & Tourist
Cartour Delta
Traghetto Cartour Epsilon Caronte & Tourist
Cartour Epsilon
Traghetto Bridge Caronte & Tourist
Traghetto Caronte Caronte & Tourist
Traghetto Franza Caronte & Tourist
Traghetto Matacena Caronte & Tourist
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Traghetto Helga Caronte & Tourist
Traghetto Tremestieri Caronte & Tourist
Traghetto Villa San Giovanni Caronte & Tourist
Villa San Giovanni
Traghetto Zancle Caronte & Tourist
Traghetto Stretto Di Messina Caronte & Tourist
Stretto Di Messina