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The shipping company Corsica Ferries, founded by Pascal P. Lota, was born in 1968 under the name of Corsica Line, creating the first connection between Italy strong> and Corsica on the Bastia - Livorno section.

In 1981, the Sardinia Ferries brand was established, which will manage the company. connections to Sardinia, initially towards the port of Olbia and subsequently towards the alternative port of Golfo Aranci. After a long period of new investments, the new connections to France are also inaugurated, and Corsica Ferries becomes the leading shipping company in Corsica for the transport of passengers, vehicles and goods.

In the early 2000s, the company renewed its fleet and showed off its first fast vehicles capable of embarking a large number of vehicles. By significantly reducing navigation times, the company was very successful and was able to; add new routes to your connection network soon.

Today, Corsica Ferries has a modern fleet of 13 ferries and guarantees an impeccable service, a vast choice of timetables strong>and competitive rates.

Corsica Ferries travel options and ferry services

Corsica Ferries connects the main ports of Corsica, Bastia, Porto Vecchio, Ajaccio and Ile Rousse to the Italian ports of Savona, Livorno, Piombino and Portoferraio , and to the mainland French ports of Nice and Toulon. Connections to Sardinia are active from the ports of Livorno, Piombino and Civitavecchia, again with arrival at Golfo Aranci >, and from the French ports of Nice and Toulon, the latter arriving in Porto Torres. Departures are also scheduled for the Island of Elba, from the port of Piombino, a connection between France and Sicily on the Toulon - Trapani section and some departures from the port of Toulon to the Balearic Islands (Port of Alcudia, Mallorca).

Various services are made available on board the Corsica Ferries ferries, including a bar, a restaurant with special menus, and a variety of services. dedicated to the most children, play areas, shops, TV, Wifi, air-conditioned armchair lounges, free deckchairs on the external decks and on some ships also a swimming pool and spa. Passengers can also choose to stay in the cabins strong> sleeps up to 4, equipped with private bathroom and exclusive access, which can be internal, external with sea view, superior, or Pet-Friendy for those who own a pet.

Pets are welcome guests on Corsica Ferries ferries, they must wear a muzzle and be kept on a leash, they have access to all the common areas including the bar and restaurant as long as are constantly under the vision of who owns them.

The company meets every type of need and for this reason it offers other services that allow you to avoid queues and long waits, such as the “Top Position” which allows you to disembark first, or “L’express Boarding” which allows priority boarding.

Only on the Livorno - Bastia section, you can take a tour. take advantage of the “Nautel” formula which allows you to stay overnight on board the ferry that will make the journey. the crossing the following morning and occupy your cabin for the entire duration of the voyage.

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