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Irish Ferries is the largest company in the world. was founded in 1973 by the union of Irish companies, whose traditions date back to the 19th century, and a Swedish company. Initially the company operated for many years in the Irish Sea on routes to Great Britain, until the opening of the Ireland France route in 2019 with one of the most large passenger ferries across the Western European Channel.

Today Irish Ferries operate international routes between Ireland, Great Britain and France carrying passengers, vehicles and goods. Its fleet is; composed of modern cruise and fast ferries; continuous investments have made the fleet the most; modern ferry company in Europe and the company has won major awards such as the Travel Industry Awards for 2020 and 2021, which recognized it as the best ferry company on the routes Irish.

→ If you want to explore northern Europe, Irish ferries is the right choice. the best choice! You can travel from Ireland to Great Britain with the Dublin Holyhead Crossing, Ireland to Great Britain with the Rosslare Pembroke Ferry, Ireland to France aboard the Dublin Cherbourg Ferry and also from Great Britain to France with the Dover Calais crossing. Of course, all of these crossings can be booked for a return trip if required! 

Are you going to travel by car on an Irish Ferries ferry to Northern Europe? Thanks to the excellent facilities, you will travel in comfort throughout the world. and tranquility!

Irish Ferries travel options and ferry services

Have you organized a road trip? You can get on board with your vehicle thanks to the large garages and reach the passenger area where you will find coffee and tea. and restaurants for every taste and need, bars and live music, a shopping area and a play area for children and teenagers.

During your crossing on board the Irish Ferries ships you can relax in the comfortable armchairs of the air-conditioned lounges or opt for a more relaxed option. quiet: the cabin with exclusive access and private bathroom

Irish Ferries ships are all equipped with special assistance for mobility passengers; small and with special needs. The company requests to be informed of your needs at least two days before the day of departure in order to be able to assist you. 

Are you traveling with your pet? Don't worry, you can choose to leave your pet in the vehicle or book a kennel on board. Travel documents are required for boarding and specific rules. It will be your responsibility make sure all requirements are met. See Irish Ferries conditions to find out more! 

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