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Liberty Lines, an Italian shipping company, born in Trapani in 1993, begins connections with a single chartered hydrofoil calling at the ports of Naples, Liberty, Favignana, Trapani, Pantelleria up to Kelibia in Tunisia.

In a few years Liberty Lines inserts new lines, intensifies departures, buys new means to become today, thanks also to the teamwork of over 600 people, the most large corporation; in the field of fast transport for passengers

Liberty Lines with 33 units; between hydrofoils and catamarans, where it is not; possible to embark the vehicle, guarantees quality services and fast connections in total safety. 

Liberty Lines travel options and ferry services

Through a capillary transport system, Liberty Lines offers a wide choice of departures every day to and between the islands minor ones of Sicily such as the Pelagie, the Aeolian, the Egadi but also the islands of Ustica and of Pantelleria. During the crossing, always during the day, passengers will be able to entertain themselves at the refreshment point or admire the coastal panorama comfortably seated in an armchair.

On board the Liberty Lines hydrofoils each passenger will be able to bring only one baggage with you, free of charge, while the remaining bags will be accepted upon payment of an extra ticket.

Liberty Lines allows you to travel with your pet pet. During the crossing while the dogs must be kept on a leash and muzzled,  small pets must travel in the appropriate carrier.

On board the Liberty Lines hydrofoils children up to 3 years of age travel with a regular ticket for free; but without; an assigned seat, children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult passenger. The Company allows you to book groups and educational trips, taking advantage of special rates and special benefits.

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