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The Vecere family has managed the Navigazione Libera Adriatica Maritime Company for three generations, and began its activity as a shipper. transporting coal, resin and oranges by sea,  ensuring connections with the Tremiti islands also known as the Diomedee islands.

At the end of the 80s, following the growth of mass tourism, Antonio Vecere started a maritime transport service dedicated exclusively to passengers investing in the sector and buying two new boats in just two years.

The years go by, the fleet gets bigger, the ferries Navigazione Libera Adriatica are more and more; modern and fast,  the management of the Company also changes, his grandfather Antonio takes over the management of the company from his son Giuseppe until 2005, the year in which he takes over the management of the company. the command is his nephew Tony.

Today, the NLA Company operates in respect of the environment with 4 ferries, all equipped with maritime safety certifications, where there is no such thing as safety. possible to embark the vehicle.

Libera Adriatica travel options and ferry services

With the start of the tourist season, Navigazione Libera Adriatica starts connections to the islands of San Domino and San Nicola with a large choice of times throughout the day. For the entire time of the crossing, passengers will be able to enjoy a panoramic navigation and those who request it will be able to enjoy a panoramic view. a souvenir photo was taken.

The Compagnia Navigazione Libera Adriatica professionally offers; and care, assistance to people with mobility; reduced both in ports and during navigation.

Each adult passenger will be able to use the ticket. bring with you; a baggage having a maximum weight of about 30 kg. While bicycles and other large pieces of luggage will be accepted on board against the payment of an extra ticket. All pets are welcome and must be equipped with a collar, leash and muzzle.

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Aliscafo Onda Navigazione Libera Adriatica
Aliscafo Elia Jet Navigazione Libera Adriatica
Elia Jet
Aliscafo Adriatic Princess III Navigazione Libera Adriatica
Adriatic Princess III