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The Trasmapi shipping company is one of the leading companies in Italy. among the pioneers of the maritime sector of the islands of Ibiza and Formentera, whose activity starts midway through from the '70s. Trasmapi is leader in transportation passengers between these two islands, carrying more than of 1 million passengers every year.

The Trasmapi fleet of ferries is one of the largest and most specialized in the Trasmapi fleet. composed of 6 ferries that offer maximum safety, reliability and and an attentive service to satisfy the needs of passengers.

Being the leading shipping company in passenger transport confers a responsibility; social and environmental which translates into the use of ships with efficient low consumption engines, built according to the International Code of High Speed ​​Ships; 2000 and certified by Lloyd's Register of Shipping in accordance with the with the most strict environmental regulation. Furthermore, always respecting the environment, there are waste recycling points on board the Trasmapi ferries.

Trasmapi travel options and ferry services

Trasmapi offers up to 8 trips a day between the Balearic Islands, with a frequency of over 20 trips a day during the summer period. These catamarans can carry from 250 to 450 passengers, some of which can also carry vehicles.

Trasmapi ships have lounge chairs, air conditioning, bar, luggage storage, children's play area, nursery, free access to bicycles and motorcycles up to 125 cc, equipment for assisting disabled passengers, and Wi- Free fi.

Traveling with your pet, with Trasmapi is easy to do. free. If you want your pet to travel in the internal lounge, it will be available. necessary to transport it in the cage or in its corresponding case, provided that the dimensions of the same are contained. In the event that the foreseen dimensions are exceeded, the pet must be transported. travel on deck, on a leash and wear a muzzle.

As regards baggage, passengers without vehicles can bring a piece of luggage on board with a maximum weight of 20 kg.

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