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In 1988 Virtu Ferries was established in Malta, a shipping company which has since then operated a high-speed line service on the Pozzallo section strong> Malta and back carrying passengers and vehicles all year round.

The Virtu Ferries company has one of the largest catamarans in the world. recently built, equipped for a relaxing navigation, respecting the marine environment.

Virtu Ferries travel options and ferry services

The Virtu Ferries Company guarantees a fast and practical connection between Sicily and Malta, during the day, offering passengers during the crossing, which is not very long, the possibility of a ferry. to spend time at the restaurant and take advantage of a tasty breakfast or a quick snack.

At any time of the year, Virtu Ferries applies reduced rates for seniors and young people. On board the ferries it is seating in an armchair is compulsory, choosing the “Club armchair” passengers will have access to the lounge located on the upper deck of the ferry, with priority boarding and disembarking rights.  

On board the Virtu Ferries, pets can travel for free inside the car, otherwise, with a regular travel document, in the carrier on the external decks of the ferry, in an area reserved for them without ever being able to enter the areas intended for passengers. All animals must have a passport and vaccination certificates.   

All passengers may bring a maximum of 3 baggage which must be placed in the reserved seats on the ferry. Excess baggage will be accepted against payment of an extra ticket.

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