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Alilauro was a well-known shipping company based in Naples, founded by the Shipowner Agostino Lauro in 1944 when, with his boat called “Freccia del Golfo” decided to connect The ports of Ischia and Capri by establishing a tourist line between the 2 islands.

At the end of the 60s, with the rapid growth of tourism and the need to for travelers to reduce travel times, the shipowner decides to expand his fleet by purchasing three small hydrofoils, thus starting the business; to the network of fast connections in the Gulf of Naples. In 1968 Agostino Lauro decides to entrust the command to his son Salvatore who, over the years has transformed the company into a new company. in a holding with over 800 employees and collaborators.

To date, Alilauro, with a fleet of 10 catamarans and hydrofoils , has been able to compete in the fleet. one of the most important Italian shipping companies capable of transporting about five million passengers a year between Naples and the Aeolian Islands and between the Sorrento peninsula and the islands of Ischia and Capri.

Alilauro Ferries travel options and ferry services

With the Alilauro hydrofoils it will be possible; convenient and fast to reach many of the destinations in the Gulf of Naples, such as the beautiful Campanian island of Ischia, thanks to the connections made throughout year from the port of Naples Beverello to the ports of Ischia port and Ischia Forio, in the western part of the island, as well as with the departures in the summer months from the ports of Amalfi, Sorrento and Positano towards < strong>Ischia port.

During the high season with the Alilauro ferries it will be possible to take a boat trip. It is also possible to visit the suggestive and famous island of Capri, choosing one of the departures from the ports of Sorrento, Amalfi and Positano or from the main port of the island of Ischia .

The archipelago of the beautiful Aeolian Islands, located off the coast of Sicily, is also part of the archipelago. well served by the Alilauro ferries: from June to September starting from Naples Mergellina (district at the foot of the Posillipo hill) it will be; in fact, it is possible to spend a pleasant holiday in some of the world famous islands such as Lipari, Vulcano, Salina, Stromboli and Panarea.

For those who wish to visit some of the localities; more evocative of the Amalfi Coast avoiding the summer city traffic, Alilauro also uses his means to reach Amalfi and Positano both from the port of Sorrento and from the port of Napoli Beverello.

All the Alilauro hydrofoils are used exclusively for the transport of passengers only, who can take the passengers with them; a single hand luggage free of charge, weighing up to 9 kg (further pieces of luggage must be entered when booking and will be subject to payment).

The interiors are comfortable, air-conditioned and equipped with comfortable armchairs as well as; to make the duration of the crossing more; comfortable and relaxing for all travellers.

Even pets are welcome on board the Alilauro hydrofoils, as well as pets. to be able to travel in the company of one's faithful friend, as long as it is; equipped with a special ticket as well as a leash, muzzle and necessary health documentation.

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La flotta Alilauro Ferries
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Don Paolo
Aliscafo Giove Jet Alilauro
Giove Jet
Aliscafo Annamaria Lauro Alilauro
Annamaria Lauro
Aliscafo Acapulco Jet Alilauro
Acapulco Jet
Aliscafo Angelina Lauro Jet Alilauro
Angelina Lauro Jet
Aliscafo Maria Celeste Lauro Alilauro
Maria Celeste Lauro
Aliscafo Rosaria Lauro Alilauro
Rosaria Lauro
Aliscafo Maria Sole Lauro Alilauro
Maria Sole Lauro
Aliscafo Nettuno Jet Alilauro
Nettuno Jet
Aliscafo Celestina Lauro Alilauro
Celestina Lauro
Aliscafo Superflyte Alilauro
Aliscafo Aligea Alilauro
Aliscafo Alieolo Alilauro
Aliscafo Giunone Jet Alilauro
Giunone Jet
Aliscafo Airone Jet Alilauro
Airone Jet
Aliscafo Europa Jet Alilauro
Europa Jet
Aliscafo Citta Di Amalfi Alilauro
Citta Di Amalfi
Aliscafo Citta Di Forio Alilauro
Citta Di Forio
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