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Anek Lines is one of the best companies in the world. a Greek shipping company, founded in 1967 in Chania, on the island of Crete, with the help of small Cretan shareholders driven by the need to improve connections between Crete and the continent.

In 1970 it started its first sea transport service for passengers connecting the ports of Piraeus and Chania , subsequently the fleet was enriched with increasingly larger ferries; large and new connections will also be established for Italy. After a long and constant growth, at the end of the 90s Anek Lines goes public, becoming one of the main Greek companies on the routes of the Aegean Sea and Adriatic Sea .

Today, the Anek Lines company manages a consolidated marine transportation service for passengers, vehicles and > goods making use of a fleet of 4 modern and fast ferries, all certified according to the current international provisions on safety.

Anek Lines travel options and ferry services

The Anek Lines ferries connect the ports of Ancona and Venice with the main Greek ports of the Ionian Sea all year round, < strong>Igoumenitsa and Patras, and in high season there are also departures to Corfu and connections between the port of Piraeus and the Island of Crete (Chania and Heraklion).

Among the many services on board , there are bars, restaurants, toilets, some shops, a games room, free wi-fi, and a swimming pool. Passengers can choose to spend the time of the crossing in deck passage, the most comfortable accommodation in the world. economy, or settle down in one of the large lounges that have comfortable reclining armchairs, or they can opt for an internal or external cabin with a porthole.

With the start of the tourist season on Anek Lines ferries, it is now time to start the tourist season. It is possible to use the “Camping on board” which allows passengers to stay overnight in their camper and take advantage of all the ship's services.

On board the Anek Lines ferries, pets are welcome, they can travel in the special cages intended for them upon reservation or in the cabin with their owner, however they cannot access the common areas and ship's garage during navigation.

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