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The society navigation company Blue Star Ferries was born in 1965 initially under the name of Strintzis Lines, like the family that founded it, later it became a company. was acquired by the Attica group which made it easier for you; modernized its fleet and gave it its current name.

The shipping company Blue Star Ferries today operates in an intense network of connections between Greece and its islands and boasts numerous corporate goals achieved with commitment and dedication, including the management of several; of 20,000 departures, the embarkation of more; of 1 million private vehicles, and more; of 7 and a half million passengers every year.

Blue Star Ferries with its fleet of 12 ferries and a qualified and courteous crew on board offers an excellent efficient service at facilitated and very competitive rates, without ever losing sight of its main objectives including, contributing to the development local economic and the protection of the environment.

Blue Star Ferries travel options and ferry services

The Blue Star Ferries fleet manages the scheduled connections from the port of Piraeus to the North Aegean Islands (Chios, Psara, Inousses, Lesvos and Evdilos). There are countless departures for the Cyclades archipelago (among the main ones Santorini, Siros, Milos, Paros, Naxos, Ios, Mykonos) and the Dodecanese (including Rhodes, Symi, Syros, Patmos, Astypalea, Karpathos). It is a connection from the port of Volos to the Sporades Islands (Alonissos, Skiathos, Skopelos and Glossa-Skopelos ).

To ensure passengers a pleasant crossing, Blue Star Ferries ships are equipped with many comforts, including reception with currency exchange service and ATMs, conference room, TV, Wi-Fi, air-conditioned armchair lounges, lounge bar, cafeteria, a la càrte and self-service restaurants, pool bar on external decks, available on ferries where it is available. there is a swimming pool, shops, games room and casino, on-board kennel for pets.

All ships have standard indoor and outdoor cabins, for two, three or four berths, all equipped with private bathroom and with exclusive access. There are also Pet-Friendly cabins where pets are welcome. access for pets is provided and cabins with disabled access with specially equipped private bathroom.

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