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BAI (Bretagne Angleterre Irlande) SA, known as Brittany Ferries, is a company operating in the UK. a French shipping company founded in 1973 by the Breton farmer Alexis Gourvennec with some colleagues, with the aim of transporting cauliflowers and artichokes to the United Kingdom, ending the geographical isolation of Brittany.

Failing to find shipping companies that manifested the will of the company. to carry out this transport, they decided to take over a freighter calling it “Kerisnel”, after a Breton village famous for its cauliflowers, and operate on the Roscoff-Plymouth route. In 1974 they decided to replace “Kerisnel” with the ship Penn-Ar-Bed also starting to operate the transport of both passengers and vehicles, changing the company name to Brittany Ferries. Over the decades the company, given the popularity of the company; found in transport, acquires some of the local companies as well as new ships, starting to make connections from the United Kingdom to other countries. To date, Brittany Ferries operates a fleet of 11 ships, one of the largest in the world. largest in Europe, with excellent on-board facilities, and serves the routes between France and the United Kingdom, Ireland and Spain and between UK and Spain.

Brittany Ferries travel options and ferry services

Many are the connections of Brittany Ferries that are traveled throughout the year. If you wish to travel across the Channel Straits you can depart from the British port of Portsmouth to the French coast ports of Le Havre, Caen , Cherbourg and St Malo, from the port of Poole to reach the port of Cherbourg or serve you of the Plymouth - Roscoff route.

If, on the other hand, your itinerary by ferry starts from Ireland you can, from the port of Cork reach Roscoff in France and from the port of Rosslare disembark in Cherbourg or reach the Spanish airport of Bilbao.

Brittany Ferries also operate direct connections from the UK to Spain and from the ports of Plymouth and Portsmouth you can comfortably reach the northern Spanish coast in the ports of Santander and Bilbao.

All Brittany Ferries are designed to make your crossing pleasant and enjoyable, in fact you can use bars/restaurants, free wi-fi, duty shops – free, cinema, as well as entertainment halls for the younger generation. small.

To guarantee rest and privacy you can also book one of the accommodations provided on board, available for every budget and style, including armchairs in the common lounges or a wide choice of < strong>cabins for exclusive useo and with toilets; also available for passengers with limited mobility. reduced. Your pet is welcome too. You are welcomeon Brittany Ferriess ferries, but depending on the vessel you are traveling with and the route you choose, it may be possible to change your preferences. travel by car, in an on-board kennel or in pet-friendly cabins. However, we advise you to book in advance and to read the regulations concerning the necessary documentation to be shown on boarding.

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