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The Caremar shipping company or the “Campania Regionale Marittima” of maritime transport of people and vehicles connecting the islands of Ischia, Capri, Procida and the Pontine Islands to the major ports in the Gulf of Naples.

Over the years Caremar has faced important corporate changes, the first in 2009, after a long state management, the company; it is passed to the Campania Region. Then in 2011 part of the company was transferred. was sold to the new Laziomar company, which still manages the connections to the Pontine Islands. Finally, between 2013 and 2015 the company was founded. been completely privatized and acquired by the companies; Snav Spa and Rifim.

The Caremar fleet is one of the best. still today composed of 9 units including ferries and fast vehicles, all equipped with modern safety devices, and excellent management systems, thanks to which it offers a high standard qualitative, and sometimes, manages to guarantee the connection service even in adverse weather conditions.

Caremar travel options and ferry services

The shipping company Caremar ensures a continuous service throughout the year, further intensifying the departure times during the high season. Connections are provided from the ports of Naples and Pozzuoli to the islands of Procida and Ischia ( Ischia main port and Ischia Casamicciola). And from the ports of Naples and Sorrento departures are scheduled for the Island of Capri.

Among the services on board, depending on the ship chosen, there are generally comfortable and air-conditioned rooms, comfortable armchairs, TV, play area, toilet, a bar and restaurant and access to external decks with additional seating.

On the majority of Caremar ferries there are services for disabled passengers, visually impaired or with < strong>mobility reduced such as lifts, specially equipped toilet rooms and reserved parking spaces in the garage. The on-board staff also provides assistance with boarding and disembarking, luggage storage and retrieval.

On board the Caremar ferries pets are allowed, dogs must be on a leash and muzzled, and can stay on the decks outdoors or in the on-board kennel, while small pets must remain in their own carrier.

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