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The Corsica Linea shipping company was officially born in 2016 by acquiring part of the former SNCM, the French flag company that went bankrupt a few months earlier. Then follows the purchase of the company; Maritima Ferries and in the following months, the company reorganized its fleet, mainly made up of some SNCM ships.

After a phase of total restyling, the ships show off their new line with white and red colors and the iconic dark brown, symbol of Corsica and also company logo. In 2018, the headquarters Corsica Linea which until then was located in Marseilles, was moved to Ajaccio, and in the same year a temporary agreement was established > with La Méridinale, according to which it will come; chartered the ferry Piana which will continue onwards; to ensure the connection service on the Marseilles - Porto Vecchio section.

The company Corsica Linea today embraces a sustainable development policy which provides for particular care towards its crew >as for the passengers before, during and after the crossing, the continuous improvement of the energy performance of ships in order to preserve the environment and reduce pollution, and confer benefit to the social and economic growth of the territories served.

Corsica Linea travel options and ferry services

The Corsica Linea Company with its fleet of 8 ferries connects France, from the port of Marseille, Corsica (at the ports of Bastia, Porto Vecchio, Ajaccio and Ile Rousse), Sardinia (at the port of Porto Torres), Algeria (at the ports of Algiers and Bejaia) and Tunisia (at the port of Tunis).

All ferries have many services including snack bar, restaurant, cafeteria, nursery, shops, on-board kennel, infirmary, TV-VOD and Wi-Fi fi, children's play areas and entertainment, and only on some ferries there is also an outdoor swimming pool and solarium.

The passengers can choose, depending on the ship making the trip, whether to travel in a simple deck passage, certainly the most convenient solution. economic, or on the comfortable reclining seat, which is assigned for the entire duration of the trip. Alternatively, cabins of different types are also available, internal or external, shared or for exclusive use, with private bathroom complete with shower or with toilet and sink only.

On the Corsica Linea ferries, disabled passengers or those with mobility; reduced receive due assistance from the crew on board, will have at their disposal lifts and reserved parking spaces, cabins, armchairs and specially equipped toilets, and further reserved seats in the common areas.

On board the Corsica Linea ferries all pets are allowed, but they will not be allowed to travel. access to common areas and must have a vaccination booklet or health passport. Dogs will have to travel only inside the on-board kennel, while other larger animals will not be allowed to travel. the little ones will have to travel inside their own pet carrier which will be sent to you. in any case stored in the areas designated for them.

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La flotta Corsica Linea
Traghetto Danielle Casanova Corsica Linea
Danielle Casanova
Traghetto Paglia Orba Corsica Linea
Paglia Orba
Traghetto Monte D Oro Corsica Linea
Monte D Oro
Traghetto Mediterranee Corsica Linea
Traghetto Jean Nicoli Corsica Linea
Jean Nicoli
Traghetto Pascal Paoli Corsica Linea
Pascal Paoli