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The shipping company CTN Tunisia Ferries also known by the name of Cotunav was born in 1959, establishing the first connections between the Tunisia and France which will then also be extended to Italy, Spain, Holland and Germany.

Initially, the CTN fleet, made up mostly of boats; from cargo ships, it was mainly involved in the transport of goods, but over time new ferries were purchased and the construction began; a connection service also for passengers and private vehicles , thus incentivising; the development of tourism and the Tunisian economy.

In the late 1990s, the company started a business. an important process of restructuring of its fleet and a few years later it decided to abandon the routes of Northern Europe and concentrate more on those of the Mediterranean, establishing regular lines strong> between Tunisia and its main trading partners.

CTN Tunisia Ferries travel options and ferry services

The CTN Tunisia Ferries fleet is one of the largest fleets in the world. today composed of 2 ferries equipped with modern safety systems and an attentive and trained crew; It manages the connections for passengers and vehicles from Tunisia (port of Tunis) , Italy (port of Genoa) and France (port of Marseille).

To allow passengers to spend the navigation in total relaxation, the Cotunav company offers on board its ferries various services among which bars, night pubs, cafés, restaurants & agrave; a la carte or self-service, TV and Wifi, air conditioning, cabins with beds and toilets, meeting room, playrooms for adults and children, nursery, infirmary, shops, outdoor swimming pool and whirlpool.

Passengers with disabilities are not allowed. or mobility; reduced will be assisted by the on-board personnel both during the embarkation procedure and disembarkation and during the crossing, they are also made available lifts, cabins and specially equipped toilets and room service.

On the CTN ferries all pets are welcome, they can only go on board if equipped with a leash, muzzle and correctly updated vaccination booklet, they must travel exclusively inside #39;inside the on-board kennel used for them, as they do not have access to the common areas.

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