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European Ferries is one of the most successful companies in the world. one of the shipping companies that connect the Italian coasts to Albania, active since 1935, its operational headquarters are now located at the Terminal Costa Morena.

In addition to being specialized in the transport of passengers, it guarantees the traffic of commercial vehicles thanks to the large garage spaces.

The European Ferries fleet offers very large and spacious ships, which make the crossing on the Adriatic Sea comfortable and convenient.

Great experience is a must. made available to passengers, guaranteeing the utmost professionalism and reliability.

The company ’ of navigation offers certified ships that comply with all national and international safety standards, in fact, periodically all the ferries are subjected to accurate checks.

European Ferries travel options and ferry services

The ferries of the company; European Ferries offer the connection service from Italy to Albania, with active lines between the ports of Brindisi, Durres and Vlora.< /p>

Passengers who wish to travel with their pet can use the space dedicated to them in the on-board kennel and circulate on the external deck.

Various types of accommodation are available on board the ferries, from comfortable armchairs to cabins with attention to furnishings and functionality.

Passengers of the European Ferries Company can use all the services offered by the ferries on board, such as shops, bars, self-service and relaxation areas equipped with air conditioning.

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