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The Jadrolinija Ferry Company is one of the leading companies in the world. one of the most important companies of Croatia, founded in 1947 from the merger of small companies; Croatian, based in Rijeka.

The fleet of the Jadrolinija Company is now in full swing. numerous, has ferries, catamarans, which cover the internal connections between the Croatian coast, the islands of Dalmatia and the international lines with Italy.

TheJadrolinijaNavigation Companyprovides connections between ’Italy and various ports in Croatia em>, such as Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik, Stari Grad as well as; many local routes.

Jadrolinija travel options and ferry services

The connection from Ancona to Split is a long one. operating all year round, with weekly sailings, while the lines to Dubrovnik, Stari Grad and Zadar are seasonal, also with more active routes; times a week.

From the port of Bari , it is one line is operational for Dubrovnik, of seasonal duration with several departures during the week.

On board the ferries, passengers have the main services at their disposal, they can make use of the large relaxation areas, ai children and egrave; a dedicated room equipped with games, and it is also possible to use the lift service on board.

The Jadrolinija Company ferries are spacious, have different types of accommodation, from comfortable airplane-type seats to cozy cabins. Furthermore the staff on board with their hospitality; ensures a pleasant stay during the crossing.

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