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The Shipping Company Mediterranea Pitiusa is responsible for maritime transport between two of the Balearic IslandsIbiza and Formentera. The two islands are also called “Islas Pitiusas” for the quantity; of pines present in their territory (hence the name of the company).

Founded in 2000 by a few shipowners with multiple experiences in the ferry sector, the Mediterranea Pitiusa is the largest and most experienced company in the ferry sector. the only shipping company based in Formentera.

The company has the main objective of safeguarding the crystal clear waters that surround the uncontaminated island, in fact trying to avoid the disposal of hydrocarbons at sea.

The lines of the company Mediterranea Pitiusa are carried out all year round with more than 1000 passengers. daily departures, which vary according to the season; from June to September, the high season, more tours are made. departures, for a total of 40 per day. 

Mediterranea Pitiusa travel options and ferry services

There are four hydrofoils of the shipping company Mediterranea Pitiusa which make daily connections between the two islands throughout the year in both directions and the types of There are three ships used, to best meet the needs of the ship. of each passenger:

- the “Jet Line” which takes 25 minutes;

- the “Express Line” which takes 35 minutes;

- the “Low Cost Line” which takes 45 minutes (seasonal);

The capacity of the of the ships ranges from 150 to 300 seats. On board the hydrofoils it is There is an armchair lounge equipped with air conditioning and toilets, as well as a bathroom. a bar and a left-luggage office. 

Pets weighing up to 10 kg are allowed on the ship if transported in a special pet carrier. The other animals will be able to travel on deck with their owner only if seats in the reserved area are available.

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