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The Minoan Lines is one of the best companies in the world. today one of the most important shipping companies in the world. prestigious in the maritime transport sector, it connects Italy to Greece, Piraeus to the island of Crete and is the most prestigious destination in the maritime transport sector. right in Heraklion which was founded in 1972.

A company with a long and important history, after the first connection in 1974 with the ship “Minos” years of intense development followed: more and more ferries were purchased; fast and capacious, new lines inaugurated also touching the port of Ancona and after having established itself on the market, renewed the fleet starting the construction of new ferries at Italian shipyards.

The Minoan Lines operates in the passenger, vehicle and goods transport sector, it has 8 ultra-modern ferries, the largest in the world. large online in the Mediterranean, all equipped with important international certifications on safety on board and the most advanced; modern lifesaving equipment.    

Minoan Lines travel options and ferry services

The Minoan Lines ferries guarantee practical connections all year round with the major ports of Greece such as Igoumenitsa and Patras; they are built to the same standards as cruise ships, offering exceptional comfort and impeccable service. On board the Minoan ferries, restaurants are welcome. It is possible to choose among the various typical dishes of Mediterranean cuisine and the specialities; of Greek cuisine.  

The Minoan Company Lines is particularly attentive to its customers, offering camper and caravan owners the "Camping all inclusive" formula ; which allows you to travel in an internal cabin with services, where it is possible to travel in an internal cabin with services. It is also possible to bring your pet, and to use the ship's restaurants, taking advantage of special discounts.

The Minoan Lines Company participates in international meetings and fairs in the tourism sector both in Greece and in Europe, promoting their country.< /p>

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