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The Navigation Company Siremar or “Sicilia Regionale Marittima” was born in 1975 starting a public transport service connecting Sicily and its smaller islands.  In the following years, the Company faced two important corporate changes: initially sold to the Sicily Region, in 2016 it was acquired by the Company; Charon & Tourist Minor Islands.  

The Siremar with 9 ferries, offers a daily regular service from the most important ports in the world. of Sicily with fixed times, transporting passengers and vehicles and guaranteeing adequate quality standards. All Siremar ferries are equipped with ultra-modern security systems, while the crew on board is also trained in emergency management.   

Siremar travel options and ferry services

Maritime company much appreciated by all tour operators, Siremar offers  a thick network of connections at convenient times for and between the smaller islands of Sicily, such as the Aeolian, Egadi, Pelagie, Pantelleria and Ustica.

The Siremar Company is always attentive to all the needs of its customers, on both long and short-term routes, and offers many services such as, for example, a restaurant, comfortable armchairs and air conditioning. On board the ferries used during the night there are also comfortable cabins both inside and outside where even passengers with mobility can feel free to travel. reduced they will be able to access and rest in complete comfort.

All pets are welcome on Siremar ferries, their owners must remain in specially reserved areas during navigation.  Small animals can travel in their carrier while dogs must be kept on a leash and muzzled.

With the Siremar Company, it was possible to It is possible to book groups and educational trips by taking advantage of advantageous rates by confirming deck berths, cabins and garage space in advance.

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La flotta Siremar
Traghetto Sansovino Siremar
Traghetto Simone Martini Siremar
Simone Martini
Traghetto Palladio Siremar
Traghetto Laurana Siremar
Traghetto Paolo Veronese Siremar
Paolo Veronese
Traghetto Pietro Novelli Siremar
Pietro Novelli
Traghetto Antonello Da Messina Siremar
Antonello Da Messina
Traghetto Filippo Lippi Siremar
Filippo Lippi
Aliscafo Isola Di Vulcano Siremar
Isola Di Vulcano
Aliscafo Isola Di Stromboli Siremar
Isola Di Stromboli