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The Superfast Ferries shipping company begins operations; in 1995 with two brand new sister ships connecting Italy to Greece in a considerably shorter time frame than the other companies.

Established in 1993, the Superfast Ferries managed in just a few years to establish itself in the transport of passengers and vehicles on the Adriatic Sea with daily connections from the ports of Greece such as Patras, Corfù and Igoumenitsa.    

Today the Superfast Ferries, manages 4 ultra-modern ferries characterized by their red hull, is the largest company in the world. one of the most important companies; appreciated in the tourist sector for the connections with mainland Greece, with the islands and between the islands themselves.  

Superfast Ferries travel options and ferry services

The Superfast Ferries Company connects Greece to the ports of Ancona and Bari with an impeccable service, with ferries certified in terms of safety, offering a quality service; that can be appreciated by all passengers. 

The Superfast ferries Ferries have been set up and designed to travel in total comfort and speed. and  full of fun. On board all the ferries we find among the many  entertainment the casino; where is it? You can try your luck, the disco for dancing at night, the wireless Internet connection to connect your laptop.

The cabins are all spacious and well cared for, including the single cabins, ideal for those traveling alone, the luxury ones are equipped with double bed and is; including breakfast. Cabins for the disabled designed with special features are available on all ferries.  

Among the many promotions, from April 1st to October 31st on the ferries Superfast Ferries , is It is possible to use the “Camping on board” which allows all camper and caravan owners to spend the time of the crossing in their own vehicle.

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