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The Navigation Company Toremar or “Maritime Regional Tuscany” was born in Livorno at the end of 1975, starting a maritime transport service passengers and vehicles with the islands of the Tuscan archipelago strong>.

In 2009, a new agreement was signed which established that the management of the state company passed to the Tuscany Region until 2011, the year in which Toremar Company was totally< strong> privatized.

The Toremar is taken over by a single and important shipowner, who submits the fleet made up of 7 ferries and 1 unit to the fleet. fast to a extensive restyling transforming it into a company in the avant-garde.

The Toremar Shipping Company provides a public transport service and guarantees territorial continuity according to the timetables established with all the Tuscan islands.

Toremar travel options and ferry services

The Toremar, with very frequent daily departures, connects Piombino to 3 different localities; of the island of Elba such as Portoferraio, Rio Marina and Cavo, reaches  also the islands of Capraia, Giglio and Pianosa off the Tuscan coast. The Company offers assistance to people with disabilities; and mobility; reduced both in the ports and on board the ferries, all the units; they are equipped with access for the disabled.

In all the ferries Toremar it is possible to take a boat. there is always a snack point, air conditioning, a welcoming armchair lounge and also a wi-fi service that allows you to spend the time of the crossing using your tablet or smartphone.

Pets are welcome on all Toremar ferries: dogs  must travel on a leash and muzzled on the external decks of the ferries as they are not allowed in the internal halls, while the other small animals must be placed in their own carrier.        

The Compagnia Toremar applies reduced rates not only to residents, but also to natives on Elba, in order to expand the number of travelers on the the island at any time of the year.

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La flotta Toremar
Traghetto Marmorica Toremar
Traghetto Oglasa Toremar
Traghetto Liburna Toremar
Traghetto Rio Marina Bella Toremar
Rio Marina Bella
Traghetto Giuseppe Rum Toremar
Giuseppe Rum
Traghetto Giovanni Bellini Toremar
Giovanni Bellini
Aliscafo Schiopparello Jet Toremar
Schiopparello Jet
Traghetto Stelio Montomoli Toremar
Stelio Montomoli