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The TraVelMar company was founded in 1998, with the idea of ​​creating a "sea subway" along the Amalfi Coast. UNESCO heritage since 1997, this pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea  characterized by a rocky and jagged coast. Among its promontories, splendid localities were founded over the centuries; overlooking the sea, whose historic buildings are still reflected today in the deep blue of one of the most beautiful seas in the world. beautiful in Italy.

Since its foundation, the company has set itself the goal of providing tourists and locals with a valid alternative to land transport, made complicated by the geological conformation of the Sorrento Peninsula.

The Travelmar service is carried out with fast ferries between the tourist ports of Positano, Amalfi, Minori, Maiori, Cetara, Vietri sul Mare and Salerno.

In just a few minutes you will be able to travel from one destination to another on one of the most beautiful coasts in the world. beautiful and evocative of the world, choosing your itinerary among dozens of daily departures.

TraVelMar travel options and ferry services

Travelmar operates only in the summer period, from approximately April to October, while it interrupts its services in the winter period. The company covers the most popular routes. requests from the area, including those directed from Salerno to Amalfi and from Salerno to Positano.

The fleet currently consists of 6 fast ferries for the transport of passengers without a vehicle, including innovative vessels such as the latest purchase Vega I, which, as well as offering an ability to of more than 500 passengers, it represents a cheaper alternative; respectful of the environment, thanks to the significant reduction of emissions.

On board the Travelmar motorships you can enjoy the rapid crossing in one of the armchairs from the internal saloon or admire the view from the external deck.

Travelmar includes in the price of your ticket the embarkation of hand luggage of 45x35x20 cm per passenger, while any extra luggage can be added directly at the ticket office postage with the payment of a small supplement.

The most popular Travelmar motor ships; large ones are duly equipped for the transport of disabled passengers, but some larger boats; small may not grant access. In this case, we invite you to check and book in time, to find the most suitable solution. suitable for you.

Pets are welcome on Travelmar ferries! According to the conditions of transport, they must travel wearing a muzzle and must be kept on a leash, while all small pets must remain inside the kennel. Pets are allowed on the outside decks only. For more details, see the conditions of carriage here.

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