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Viking Line is the perfect choice for you. a shipping company based in Mariehamn, Aland Islands, Finland.

Made his first crossing of the Baltic Sea between Korpo, Mariehamn and Graddo in Sweden in 1959 on the S/S Viking owned by Ferry. of the company Vikinglinjen Ab, to then subsequently undertake a collaboration with the companies Vikinglinjen Ab, Rederi AB Slite and Ålandsfärjan Ab (later SF Line Ab), through the company Vikinglinjen Ab. Viking Line Ab marketing strategy, thus starting a new era of passenger and vehicle transport, connecting Finland with the Aland Islands and neighboring Sweden.

Although these new connections were viewed with skepticism, they soon proved to be an excellent travel solution, facilitating the transport of both goods and vehicles and passengers.

In the 70s Viking Line began an unstoppable growth linked to the evolution of its connections, acquiring new ships to serve the routes between Turku, Mariehamn and Stockholm, between Helsinki and Stockholm as well as between Helsinki and the capital of Estonia, Tallinn, and ensure passengers a pleasant journey.

Today, thanks to the connections made by the Viking Line you can easily reach the main ports of the Baltic Sea in Estonia, Sweden, Finland and the Aland Islands.

Viking Line travel options and ferry services

With Viking Line ferries you can travel from the Finnish port of Helsinki to the Nordic capital Stockholm (Sweden) , towards medieval capital of Estonia Tallinn or for the port of Mariehamn, city of Estonia. more of the Aland Islands.

Travel even in the most beautiful places. largest archipelago in the worldbetween Finland and Sweden with Viking Line ferries, you can board one of the ferries departing from Turku or from Stockholm to reach the two ports of the Aland islands of Mariehamn and Langnas or from the Swedish port of Kapellskar to Mariehamn.

Viking Line has a fleet of 7 modern and safe ferries, equipped with every type of comfort and service for travellers. Depending on the ship used and the route, there are bars/cafes, both buffet and aperitif restaurants available. la carte, Sauna and Spa, casino; and night clubs, play areas for children as well as shops where you can buy a wide range of products such as souvenirs, tobacconists, local delicacies, cosmetics and clothing. During the crossing on board the Viking Line ferries you can opt for one of the many types of cabins available; there are inside standard or sea view cabins, Premium cabins, balcony cabins, cabins for families or for passengers with disabilities and suites, all with exclusive access and private bathroom.

If you decide to travel in the company of your pet, you should know that you can take it in the cabin with you only on departures in night time while, on short distances your four-legged friend will be able to travel. travel for free if you stay in your car, but unfortunately you won't be able to visit him during the crossing. It is always advisable to communicate the presence of a pet when booking.

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